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2006-01-11 Wed

补充一个 主题 : RE: Ming wall mortar

发件人 : Dr Ian Law
发送 : 2005年8月2日 7:58:16
收件人 : "? ?"
主题 : RE: Ming wall mortar

Dear Antelope

Many thanks for the quick reply, and for your offer to check for information on the rice soup used in lime mortar. The web link that I found for this story is


Perhaps this may help you to find out more details?

Once again, thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards


Dr Ian A Law
Technical Transfer Manager
The National Non-Food Crops Centre
Innovation Way
Science Park
YO10 5DG

Tel: 01904 435 182
Fax: 01904 435 345
e-mail i.law@nnfcc.co.uk

From: trys71@hotmail.com [mailto:trys71@hotmail.com]
Sent: 02 August 2005 02:29
To: Dr Ian Law
Subject: RE: Ming wall mortar

Dear Dr. Ian,

Many thanks for your kind email.

In my mind there is the same impression that our frontiers ever put glutinous rice SOUP into the lime and used it as the sticky method for the bricks. But for evidence in English we have to search, perhaps I have to check with the webmaster of our Post, as your question is very technical and interesting.

Further information will be given after search.

Kind regards,


For The Greatwall Post

>From: "Dr Ian Law"
>Subject: Ming wall mortar
>Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 16:26:47 +0100
>Hello, to the greatwall team
>Congratulations on your web-site, which is great and very informative.
>I have discovered a reference to glutinous rice being put into the
>mortar used to build the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty. Can anyone
>provide me with web-links to information (in English) about this method,
>or to how and why it worked? Also, was the mortar made from lime?
>Many thanks,
>Dr Ian A Law
>Technical Transfer Manager
>The National Non-Food Crops Centre
>Innovation Way
>Science Park
>YO10 5DG

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