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长城上的幽灵与恋人(part 4 完)

the Lovers 恋人

现在让我们回到恋人身边,看看在他们身上发生了什么。在我的眼里,这对“恋人”的举动可以被归于“新人类”活动什么的。这个概念可解读为,用随意选择的其他文化载体中提炼出来的信仰来审视整个世界。1989年夏天,我在阿姆斯特丹的市立现代美术馆(Stedelijk Museum)参观了一个展览。给我留下最深印象的,是Marina Abramovic制作的名为“绿色的龙”的一个装置,这张有着水晶靠枕的铜床凸现了她在中国所遭遇的激情。我看到它的时候它是空着的,至今我还后悔当时我没有亲自躺上去试试,看是否能体会到Marina Abramovic所说的那种可能会有的激情。不管怎么说,这次长城行走没有达到预期的结局。Marina Abramovic 和Ulay并没有在长城上结婚,相反,他们分开了。他们各走各路各奔前程,名为“恋人”的展览是他们合作的终曲。
Lets go back to the 'the Lovers' for a minute and see what has happened to them. In my eyes you can call 'the Lovers' a New Age project. This concept of looking for things all over the world and using the beliefs of other cultures as you please. In the summer of 1989 I saw the exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The thing that impressed me most was the installation made by Marina Abramovic, green dragon, this bed of bronze with a head-rest of crystal to visualise the energy stream she encountered in China. When I saw it it was empty, and I still regret not getting on it to feel if it really generated the energy Marina Abramovic said it would. Anyway the walk on the Wall did not have the expected ending. Instead of getting married on the Great Wall of China Marina Abramovic and Ulay separated. They each went their own way and the exhibition of 'the Lovers' was the last project they worked on together.

And what happened to Xu Bing after making the 'Ghosts pounding the Wall'?

徐冰于1990年奔赴美国并成为北京新浪潮的代表人物之一。他感到在他自己的国度,他再也无法按自己所设想的方式自由的工作。北达科他美术馆于1993年夏永久安置了《鬼打墙》这幅作品。徐冰仍然为所有与绘画过程相关的艺术品类工作着。 理性与荒谬,在他以后所有的作品中均有体现。而于我而言,长城,不仅仅把外国人挡在门外,它也对一些中国自己的子民关上了门。Xu Bing went to America in 1990 and became one of the representatives of the Beijing New Wave. He felt no longer free to work the way he wanted in his own country. The North Dakota Museum of Art installed the 'Ghosts pounding the Wall' in the summer of 1993 on a permanent base. Xu Bing is still working on Art projects which al have to do with the printing process. Sense or nonsense are present in all the works he did since. As far as the Great Wall is concerned it seems to me, it is not only keeping foreigners out but also some of China's own people.

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