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The Acknowledge

On the journey I received help from many teachers who have enriched my knowledge of history and geography. Thank you to Wang Hongting from Linxian Shanxi; Li Guilong from Suide in Shaanxi; Li Shengcheng from Anbian in Yulin; Xu Xingya from Guyuan in Ningxia; Yang Ningguo from Pengyang in Ningxia, Zhang Xinghua from Zhenyuan in Gansu. They are either professionals or local experts on culture and history, or authors of regional history. They recounted many wonderful historical anecdotes, and presented their monographs. It is my greatest honor to know them and I sincerely thank them for their heartfelt assistance.

Then & Now: Photographs of Northern China
June 16, 2012 - September 16, 2012
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

My lasting gratitude to the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute which has provided me with tremendous help; inviting me to visit the Clark’s Williamstown campus in the United States, arranging for me to engage in research there and in the Smithsonian Institution Archives. My special thanks to Michael Conforti, the director of the Clark, and assistant deputy director Tom Loughman, both of whom have provided me with much information and spoke highly of my exploration, which has been the greatest encouragement to me. I sincerely thank them for their meaningful contribution to cultural exchanges between China and the United States.

Thanks to the Smithsonian Institution Archives; Mary Markey and other staff who provided me with convenient working conditions and assisted me with much tedious collecting and collating labor.

Thanks to Zhou Zhicong, deputy director of MOCA Shanghai, who built bridges between the Clark and my work. The exhibition and exchange activities related with “Through Shên-Kan” were all organized with his unstinting help.

When my good friends Wei Quhu and Yao Jun heard about my exploration, they suggested it be made into a television documentary and proposed thoughts and ideas. My good friend Shen Qun generously financed and organized the filming of the documentary. Thanks to Zhang Li, the producer of the CCTV's “Witness · Discovery” program, who decisively and efficiently organized the filming and broadcasting of the documentary “Through Shaanxi and Gansu.” Thanks to the CCTV crew who followed me, filming for a month, to make an extremely professional production. Thanks to Xin Yuhong from the “Impression of Ningxia” program, who carefully planned and edited the television production, “Retracing the Journey to Shaanxi and Gansu”.

My grateful thanks to Shi Hongshuai, an associate researcher at the Institute of Chinese History and Geography, Shaanxi Normal University. He is also the translator of the Chinese version of Through Shên-Kan. Because of the book, we met and he has since become my good teacher and friend, helping me greatly.

Thanks too, to the Centre of International Cultural Exchange, China, the Beijing Folk Arts Museum, Ningxia Library, Shanghai Library and Wuhan Museum, who hosted the photo exhibition “One Century & One Moment.” Also my thanks to Yin Jie, the executive director of Chinese National Geography, and Sun Nan from Canon China, who provided me with a communication platform.

Thanks to Zhang Jinghua and Wang Wei, who prepared much stationery and sports equipment before each trip, which I then presented to those teachers and students from the Loess Plateau. A pen and notebook may not last, but I hope the motivation they can provide continues on.

Thanks to my friends: Sun Li, Cheng Changjin, Duan Xiaoyi, and Rong Jing; my sister Li Ye; my classmates from university days: Zheng Guang and Zhai Jingdong, who took the time to accompany me on this journey — I could not have done it without them. Thanks to Wang Xinwei, who provided me with a lot of timely help during my western journey. Also to Shi Yina and Zhang Dazhen who provided me information on local annals and records, and my friends from the Great Wall website ( for sharing their experiences on researching old photographs.

Special thanks to my former classmate Zhang Jun, who devoted his time and effort to organize, edit, and collate pictures and text information. Without his sleepless nights and selfless help, the book could not have been finished in such a short time. Thanks to Yan Zhijie, Zhou Chuqiao, and Wang Runna, who did much work on the original content and text layout.

Finally thank you to the people on my journey. For directing the way, providing me with information and help, handing me a sweet potato, a handful of red dates, some maize and a bowl of water. I can only thank you again, with all my heart.
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